About me:
Hi pretty mommas! I am a mom of ornery twin boys married to an even ornerier man living in good ol’ Oklahoma, USA. I have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry but stay home to take care of our monsters because daycare is too expensive and who wants to wear real pants every day? I love sharing the good, bad, & ugly of motherhood along with my love of baking cookies and wearing red lipstick to the good people of Instagram (as twincookiemonster).

Name: Danielle aka twincookiemonster
Living in: Small town Oklahoma, USA
Age: 26
Socials: Instagram @twincookiemonster
Kids: Twin boys Sam & Josh, 16 months

When did you realize you were ready to start a family and be all grown up?
I think I have always been ready, always had that dream of kids at the forefront of my mind. My husband though, wasn’t fully ready until after we miscarried our first surprise pregnancy and the infertility issues that arose after.

What’s the one thing you said you’d never do as a mom, but ended up doing?
Youtube at restaurants to keep the boys quiet. Never thought I would do that, but man is it a lifesaver.

How would you describe yourself as a parent?
Considering that my boys are only 16 months old I don’t know if I have settled into a certain parenting style. I am pretty laid back about most things and am definitely a “boy mom” but since the boys are twins I also have a strict nap/bedtime schedule.

What’s your ‘escape’ from being a mom, what keeps you sane?
Oh, let me count the ways… Trips to the local coffee shop drive thru. Baking. Reading. NAPTIME! Mom friend dates. Weekly bible study at church.

Which human values do you consider most important to teach our kids?
How you treat other people shows what is in your heart; showing kindness even when you don’t agree with someone.

What are you struggling with while raising your kid(s)?
Patience and my sleep deprived temper.

Growing up, who inspired you the most? And why?
I’ve never thought of that… I’d probably have to say both of my grandparents’ marriages. Both of my grandfathers were in the military, stationed all over the world, bringing their family along. The strength I see in their marriages to this day and in themselves individually is inspiring.

What is the biggest lesson that you’ve learned so far in life?
Patience, and I’m still learning it. It took us three years to become pregnant with the boys. Three years of questions, no answers, a miscarriage, multiple negative pee sticks, and tears. Our journey to receiving the gift of our twins taught me patience above all else.

If you could meet anyone in person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
I feel like Jennifer Lawrence and I would make the best of friends. Ha.

What is a goal you want to achieve in the next 10 years?
Besides having more little monsters, my husband and I dream of opening a coffee/cookie bar in our town. It would be a place for students to study, for people to hangout, and it would be mom + kiddo friendly.

What song do you see as your life’s theme song?
Just one? I can’t pick just one. How about one artist, Louis Armstrong. Gah, I love me some old school jazz.

Thank you Sherene!