“A twin-pregnancy is a abnormality, you know..”

Is what my gynecologist tells me on my very first appointment with her in the hospital, right after she congratulates me with my pregnancy.

Wait…what? A abnormality.. Within 5 minutes after we meet she manages to make a happy, pregnant woman feel like a ‘freakshow’.
But, isn’t it true that a twin-pregnancy occurs every 700th conceivement?
So what is she talking about?
She explains to me that our bodies aren’t made for a multiple pregnancy, therefor complications are more norm than exception.
And that those complications do not always occur during the pregnancy, but often after.
Yes, I have a very ‘cheerful’ OBGYN.
But she turned out to be right.

Thank god my twin-pregnancy went well for my babies, but it definitely destroyed my body.
My intestines were shoved around by two 7 lb tiny people, who also knocked on & kicked at my bladder and kidneys.
But the biggest damage came to light in the years after their birth.
You see, I wasn’t like those annoying, famous woman who are on the catwalk six weeks after giving birth.
My abdominal muscles where ripped and I had developed two belly fractures while carrying my girls.
Any tension or strain made it hard for me to bend, or even breath sometimes.
And.. I still looked like I was 6 months pregnant. ALL.THE.TIME..
I’m telling you: there’s no fun in that. It became really difficult for me to feel beautiful or even good about my appearance.

My doc had warned me several times that ‘we have to do something about those fractures’, but what mom of two babies and a toddler has the time for a surgery?
That would mean: total rest for three weeks and not lifting for two months.
Yeah, not going to happen..
So I accepted my new ‘after twin’ body and even donated all my clothes to charity.

But, by the time my twins turned three my fractures became só big that they became a risk for my health. No more choice, it had to be done.
At this point my husband opted adding a tummy tuck during/after the procedure.
Wasn’t I opened up already? It only took about two weeks of extra healing, so why not?
It was expensive AF, that’s why.
But my one true love persuaded me by saying: “I want my kids to have a happy, healthy mom that feels good about herself.”
And he was right of course.

So I went to a famous ‘Private Clinic for Plastic Surgery’. Where all the rich woman go, the ones who can afford Hermés sleepover bags, Chanel earbuds (not kidding) and Fendi slippers.
Not really my crowd.
Woman who look a little, how do I put this nicely.. ‘plastic’.
A group of which I honestly never thought I would be part of some day.

The Clinic was simple amazing! Far more a luxury hotel than a hospital.
It was fun as well, because of drugs.. lots and lots of drugs.. (sorry, not sorry).
But I wasn’t like all the other ‘guests’ (not only referring to my younger age).
As a foodie I wanted to taste all I could while I was there, so I took every meal option available.
Come to think of it, I might have been the only one there eating carbs.
While everyone was drinking ‘fresh mint tea’ with ‘raw biological honey’, I wanted black, strong coffee  and a glass of whisky (maybe a cigar?).
When my husband visited he brought me home-made brownies. And he made some extras, so I could share with the rest. But as it turns out: you don’t want to eat a brownie right after a liposuction.

It’s been a few years now. But Yes, I belong to the ‘Plastic Fantastic’ group of woman of this world.
And I’m not ashamed about it any more.
I was wrong to judge those woman in the clinic as ‘superficial’ and ‘fake’. They were so nice, warm and friendly to me.
They comforted me when I missed my kids and shared their secret stash of wine with me.
And although we might have totally different lives, we all share the same desire to make the best of what God gave us.

x Lonneke

Lonneke Buijze - Bazelmans

Lonneke Buijze-Bazelmans (41 years old) is a mom of three girls and a entrepreneur. She runs a restaurant with her husband in The Netherlands (Europe) where she’s a mom by day and a sommelier by night. While he cooks the most amazing foods, she gets to open and taste the wines. She reviews wines and writes stories.