Rawsons Retreat, Cabernet Penfolds

$ 5,99
Rawsons Retreat, Cabernet Penfolds










          • great balance
          • not to dry
          • many flavors


          • fruit is very ripe

          Wine Review

          Rawsons Retreat is the base range of the world famous winemaker Penfolds. This winery has put Australia as a wine country on the ‘wine-map’ with their fabulous and exceptional ‘Grange’, which is a big collector’s item.
          The range Rawsons Retreat exist of smooth and subtle wines from Penfolds, for a very reasonable price. The name has his origin from the family’s first vacation cabin in Adelaide.
          This old house is still there, amongst the oldest vineyards of the area.

          A typical Cabernet nose with notes of ripe berries, cigar, coffee and a hint of leather.
          The nose is somewhat more spiced than for instance a European Cabernet Sauvignon.

          tasting notes:
          A full, spicy and firm start of the wine gives clear notes of ripe forrestfruit, like blue berries, cassis and blackberries. In the middle of the wine some spices come to light, like clove and nutmeg, but there are hints of chocolate and a bit of mint as well.
          In de aftertaste there are firm tannins combined with a decent acidity and a flavor of vanilla.
          I find this aftertaste a bit soft considering how strong the wine starts.

          food pairing:
          I would match this wine with a good stew.

          in conclusion:
          A full-bodied and spicy wine which starts with strong notes of cassis and blackberries, then gives scents of spices and ends with soft tannins and a hint of vanilla. It’s a very well made wine.

          • Type: Red
            Country: Australia
            Region: South Eastern Australia
            Winemaker: Penfolds Winery
            Vintage: 2015
            Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
            Style: full, spicy and smooth
            Alcohol: 13,5 % Vol
            Serve: around 18°C / 64 F
            Drink up: within 3-4 years



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