This mommy likes to drink wine.
And yes, as a sommelier, tasting wine is my job (which is obviously why I’m passionate about it).
But when my kids are FI-NAL-LY sleeping at night, you know why this mom likes to have a glass of fermented grape juice?
Because they ignore me. All three kids, all day long.

And it drives me crazy.

After my kids wake-up they go downstairs to watch some t.v. before school.
I nicely urge them to put on clean clothes and brush something.
15 Minutes later, three kids are still spacing out in front of the t.v. sitting on a pile of fresh clothes.
I have to repeat at least 5 times: “Get dressed, we will be late!” before they won’t move.
Not one inch.
Transformation ‘morning-mom’ to ‘evening-mom’:
Level 1 – Mommy is not happy

After school we have play-dates over at our house.
Our kids like arts & crafts. So naturally table, chair ánd kids are glued together within minutes.
After I clean up their friends (and wash the paint out of clothes and hair..) all kids ignore the mess.
I have to repeat at least 5 times “Please clean this up!” before they won’t.
Not one marker.
Transformation ‘morning-mom’ to ‘evening-mom’:
Level 2 – Mommy is angry

Dinnertime in my house is mostly three kids constantly talking and fighting over who gets to tell (read: yell) the next story.
Ever heard a long story from a kid? Double that. Add some more time..even more.. there you go!
Apparently we don’t have rap-battles at our house, we have talk-battles.
I have to repeat at least 5 times “Please, one at the time! Not so loud!”, before they won’t shut up.
Not even for a minute.
Transformation ‘morning-mom’ to ‘evening-mom’:
Level 3 – Mommy is pissed

My favorite part of the day: time for bed.
Three freshly cleaned children are FI-NAL-LY in their bed.
Like usual our bedtime routine is running late, because: have to pee, am thirsty, another story..
I have to repeat at least 5 times “Stay in bed!”, before they won’t.
Not before I lose my shit.
Transformation ‘morning-mom’ to ‘evening-mom’:
Level 4 – Transformation complete

Now I’ll have my glass of wine please, a very big one.