Hello mamas! I started my blog over at last fall as my personal mommy outlet and to help support local businesses. I’ve always loved to write and wish I had more time to blog, but I work full-time and am usually busy procrastinating over on Instagram @stamfordmommy. I have a not-so-secret love affair with yoga and have become a pro at dressing up yoga pants as work outfits- I even sneak in a little crow pose every few hours in my conference room. Gotta live in the moment? As a busy mom, I often get anxiety from merely glancing at my Google calendar full of kid’s activities, but my son is my world and I wouldn’t change this crazy mama life for anything.

Name: Deb
Living in: Connecticut
Age: 34
Social Media: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
Kid: Tristan (3)

Who has inspired you the most in your life?
Definitely my mom. While I was growing up, I didn’t appreciate her as much as I should have. Sorry mom! Now that I’m a mom and I know how much work it is, I look back and think- holy shit she was amazing. My mom was a single mom, raising 3 girls and working 3 jobs. She raised us all to be responsible, to kick ass in school- not to please her but for ourselves, and never to rely on anyone for our own happiness. I have no idea how she did it, but she’s a real, live superwoman.

What amazes you most about being a mom?
Literally everything about being a mom has amazed me. My body creating and growing a life, purging it out, making food for it, and then just going on like no big deal. WTF! Superhuman mom strength is pretty incredible – there are days when I’m so utterly exhausted but somehow pull it together and make it through. I will be forever amazed at the love I have for this tiny human I created. Everything about him makes me smile and I never want to be away from him, even when he’s acting like an asshole. I couldn’t imagine my life without him or any other way.

How would you describe yourself as a parent?
I’m a total type A, planner, scheduling freak so I’ve got things sort of under control with 1 kid. Don’t get me wrong, we have tons of fun and my son brings out my spontaneous side. But I’m strict with timing, am rarely late, and follow a daily routine. Luckily, my son thrives on a schedule – and calls me out anytime I deviate from the plan- so we’re compatible. I think I’ll keep him.

What’s your ‘escape’ from being a mom, what keeps you sane?
100% Yoga. I used to be die-hard for Bikram (hot) yoga but now with a kid, I just don’t have time to go. When my son naps (or should I say, IF he naps) or my husband is on duty, I’ll escape to our spare room, roll out the mat and get down with Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. She is my Buddha- something about her voice just zens me out and I feel like a better person when I’m done practicing one of her videos. Although they aren’t frequent enough, I love escaping for a date night with my husband. Even if we end up sharing a bottle of wine and talking about our son, it’s freeing to release our parental duties for a few hours and just have fun together.

Which human values do you consider most important to teach our kids?
Empathy for sure. Recognizing their own feelings and the feelings of others so they can create relationships and have kind souls. Responsibility is also important in raising kids to have good values. My husband and I were both raised similarly- work for what you want or you don’t get it- and we want my son to grow up understanding the value of things as well. It’s hard to teach in today’s society of instant gratification…a toy breaks? Buy a new one. No kid…we had to save up our cash for new things- guess what? So will you!

What are you struggling with while raising your kid(s)?
Mom-guilt forever. I thought it would go away when my son was out of infant stage but nope! I work full-time so I feel guilty being away from him during the day and overcompensate at night and on weekends. So much so that I usually don’t even let me husband take over nightly routines because FOMO. What if he says something adorable and I miss it? But I don’t just have mom-guilt from working- if I have to discipline my son, I feel guilty. If I travel without my son, guilt. If I go get my nails done, guilt. It’s constant and I know unhealthy, but I can’t seem to shake it. I can’t be the only one, right??

What is the biggest lesson that you’ve learned so far in life?
Definitely the importance of family. People come in and out of our lives constantly but family is in it forever. Those are the people you should be dropping everything for. When I had my son, both my mom and mother-in-law gave up so much of their time to travel long distances to our house and help care for him. I know they wanted to be there to watch him grow and be a part of his life, but their selflessness and generosity wasn’t lost on me.

What do you wish you would have done differently in the last 10 years?
Honestly not much. I’m a big believer in lifepaths and ‘everything happens for a reason’ so I probably wouldn’t have my husband or my son if I changed anything major. But if I have to pick one thing, it would be stay out of the sun, you moron.

What is a goal you want to achieve in the next 10 years?
I’d love to get involved in some sort of holistic business. I’m not sure exactly where I’d like to focus, but I’m a granola girl at heart. Even though I live in a city and my life is chaotic, I feel like I should be living out West, teaching yoga on a lawn somewhere, creating homemade bath bombs, and developing healing tonics. DM me if you have any ideas 😉 @stamfordmommy

If you could give your great grand children some advice, what would it be?
When you have kids, live close to your parents so you can dump your kids there and have semi-normal lives once and a while!

Do you have some fun facts about yourself for us?
1)  My first job was a blueberry picker on a farm by my house. They paid $7 if I filled up a giant bucket. You know how long that takes? Approx. 7 hours. So worth it. Thanks Mom.

2)  Before I had my son, I used to make cakes for celebrity events out of my tiny apartment kitchen. Now, I can’t even remember what it was like to have hours and hours of spare time to mold and airbrush fondant, let alone pee by myself for 2 minutes. It was only 5 years ago but it feels like another lifetime!

Thank you Deb!

I have a couple of favorite blogs, and Deb’s (stamfordmommy) is quickly becoming one of them. Totally worth a visit. Also, check out her hilarious feed on Instagram: