Pinot Grigio Tussock Jumper, Veneto Italy

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Pinot Grigio Tussock Jumper, Veneto Italy










          • Good value for price
          • Fresh, aromatic fruit


          • Too ripe in nose

          Wine Review

          This Pinot Grigio Tussock Jumper is made by two enthusiastic winemakers (Gert-Jan van Arkel; half French/half Dutch and Marc Oliviera; half Portugues/half American). They picked the best grapes worldwide for their wines. Grapes that are typical for their own local wine area. Then they connected the wine to a local animal that symbolizes that part of the country and punt them in a ‘red jumper’ to make the wine more recognizable.
          Tussock Jumper was born!
          The Pinot Grigio grapes of this wine were harvested at optimal maturity levels. A soft pressing was used to enhance flavour extraction while imparting minimal color from the skins. To intensify some tropical fruit flavors, a small part of surmatured grapes was added.

          The colour of the wine is very licht, which probably comes from the fast, light pressing of the grapes.
          Lots of fruit in the nose, like pear, apple and pineapple with a hint of anise and lime..

          tasting notes:

          The wine start with a a-typical creamy feeling, something I’m definitely not used to find in a Northern Italian Pinot Grigio, but never the less, I like it.
          The fruit is aromatic and juicy with notes of apricot, apple and pineapple.
          Aftertaste is a bit strange as well, because it has sweet white fruit, but also a slight bitter taste.

          food pairing:
          This wine makes an excellent aperitief, or maybe you could also pair it with sea and shell fish.

          in conclusion:
          This Pinot Grigio Tussock Jumper is a friendly, light white wine with aromatic fruit as apricot and pineapple, but also has a nice dry aftertaste.

          • Type: White
            Country: Italy
            Region: Veneto
            Winemaker: Tussock Jumper
            Vintage: 2015
            Varietal: Pinot Grigio
            Style: fruity, light and aromatic
            Alcohol: 12 % Vol
            Serve: around 8-10°C / 46-50 F
            Drink up: within 2 years

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