Hi, I’m Tara, a married SAHM to one adorable, precocious, fact-loving, car-obsessed 4 year old boy. We recently traded the big city lights of New York City (hence the nycmomprobs name change) for a quieter existence. When I’m not making memes or picking up Hot Wheels cars, I can be found adjusting to typical suburban life, such as doing The Bar Method (barre class), folding laundry, and shopping at Target.

Name: Tara
Living in: New Jersey, USA (20 minutes outside of NYC)
Age: 37
Social Media: InstagramTwitter (formerly @nycmomprobs)
Kid: Jack, aged 4

What amazes you most about being a mom?
That someone you created (or adopted) looks up to you and truly adores you unlike anyone has ever adored you before, regardless of how much you think you might be screwing up.

When did you realize you were ready to start a family and be all grown up?
My husband and I have been together since we were 15. We’re 37 now. After we were married at 26, we knew we wanted to wait a few years to enjoy being married, travel and enjoy city life. Once we decided to settle to have a family, biology had other plans. Very long story short, we were thrilled to have our son in 2012.

What’s the one thing you said you’d never do as a mom, but ended up doing?
I’m a very laid back person, but I’m a pretty strict mother. I’m much stricter than my mother was because I think I craved more structure than I had when I was a child. I thought I’d be more laissez-faire as a parent. I’m learning to be.

What’s your ‘escape’ from being a mom, what keeps you sane?
Scrolling through Instagram. Most people I follow are also parents so we’re always talking about kids, which is an escape from “my” kid but not kids in general. And doing The Bar Method (barre class). My thighs are going to be tiiiight in time for summer.

Which human values do you consider most important to teach our kids?
Treat others as you would want to be treated. Be kind and respectful to all types of people from the janitor to the CEO.

What are you struggling with while raising your kid?
Patience… and to remember to enjoy it. Sometimes I’m so concerned with having to get here or there by a certain time that I forget to simply take it all in and have fun with this little person, who is not some sheep to be shepherded.

Growing up, who inspired you the most? And why?
I was raised by a single mother who worked in the restaurant business 100 hours a week every week for 20 years to feed me, clothe me, and put me through the best schools. I owe everything to her. Also, my husband inspired me growing up. Because we’ve been together since we were 15, we grew up together. He is the smartest, most purpose-driven person you could imagine. He is exceptional in every way, except loading the dishwasher. He sucks at that. (There are rows inside it for a reason!)

What is the biggest lesson that you’ve learned so far in life?
Never give up. If we had quit trying, we never would have had our beautiful rainbow baby, who is the center of our world. Now I always impress that philosophy upon him. Never give up.

If you could give your great grand children some advice, what would it be?
Put away the electronics and enjoy people face to face. That is where the best memories are made.

And lastly, do you have some fun facts about yourself?
To quote my husband, I have “hilariously good” navigation skills. I can get to a place I traveled to once when I was 6. I am a walking GPS. Stick with me and you’ll never get lost. It also comes in handy when looking for missing toys.

Thank you Tara!

Tara and I met on Instagram about a year ago (When she was still @nycmomprobs). Her very funny mom-memes are making me laugh every single day.  Thank you for that lovely! (and I’m so glad we got to know each other much better in the last few months..)