About Me

Relaxingmommy a.k.a. Lonneke

  • Hi, I’m Lonneke, founder of Relaxingmommy.
    I loved the Relaxingmommy community on Instagram so much, that I decided to start this website.
    I’m married to Laurens since 2002 and we have three beautiful daughters: Lynn (9) and twin-girls Liza en Lexi (5).
    I’ve been a sommelier and vinoloog (expert wine-taster) for 12 years now.
    My husband (who’s a chef) and I own a restaurant in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands – Europe.
    Life is hectic with three kids ánd a business, but writing about it somehow relaxes me.
    And drinking wine, lots & lots of wine..
    More about me on Mom-Monday.