MomMonday About me: Wife and Mom of 2 girls. I work for a IT consulting firm. I am Nigerian, lived in Canada and moved to the UK. Name: Oreri Living in: U.K. Age: 35 Kids: 4 and 3 Social name: @crazyworkingmom What amazes you most about being a mom? My elasticity! I mean, i thought the streching (down there) […]

MomMonday About me: My name is Lara (33) and I’m a fashion addict who lives in the greatest city of the world: Sydney. I work in a big brand fashion store, am married to my best friend and have a beautiful daughter (4). My biggest challenge is finding a balance between being a good employee, wife and […]

linda amsterdam

MomMonday About me: Hi, my name is Linda (45) and I am lucky enough to be the mom of three beautiful kids (7, 10 and 12). My husband and I live in Amsterdam and are in a non-traditional relationship, because I’m the breadwinner and he is a stay at home dad. We use to both have […]

Joanna LazyMomsBlog

MomMonday About me: My name is Joanna and I’m a WAHM, married to my best friend, and blogging about parenting, decor, and lifestyle. I have a masters degree in psychology and so I’m passionate about sharing parenting and mindful living ideas. Since I was Polish born and raised, and my hubby is French Canadian, we […]

MomMonday About me: I was born in Hungary and moved to Canada in 2001. My daughter was born in 2012 just a couple years after I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, shortly before my 38th birthday. So, my husband and I are older parents who could not be happier to be blessed with this child! […]

MomMonday About: Hi, my name is Nancy Janer. Wife to my best friend Victor, who keeps me half sane. We are parents to Tyler 4 and Ian 3 years old. I work 24/7 as a Domestic Engineer my duties are Cook, Cleaner, Laundress/Laundryman, Chauffeur, Teacher, Nurse, Secretary and Counsellor. But my kids call me Mom! […]


MomMonday About: I am a real mom that shares the successes and struggles of being a parent while also trying to juggle being a wife, banker and friend. I married an extremely hard-working man and wouldn’t want to grow old with anyone else. Name: Jessica Living in: Bay Area in California Age: 34 Kids: 3.5y […]

MomMonday About: My name is Aly, I’m a London mum and founder of AllMumsTalk project, a fast growing website for mums, bumps & bundles focussing on creative and effortless lifestyle and parenting. Or so I dreamt of building it…Because I always said that the effortless mum is a minor Olympian almighty goddess, a spellbinding mermaid […]

MomMonday About: Hello, my name is Karen and although I love to participate on this MomMonday feature, I’m not much of a social type. Specifically ‘social media’. That’s the reason why I’m doing this anonymously. I work at a bank in Germany and I’m a single mom with two beautiful, strong kids. Name: Karen Living in: Germany Age: 38 […]

MomMonday About: Hi, I’m Lonneke and I founded Relaxingmommy on Instagram in juli 2015. Married to Laurens since 2002 and mother of three beautiful daughters (Lynn, Liza en Lexi). I’m a sommelier and vinoloog (expert wine-taster) for 12 years now. My husband (who’s a chef!) and I own a restaurant in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands – Europe. […]