The bullshit that is called mom brain Something has really been bothering me lately. I mean, lots of things bother me constantly, but for the sake of this post, I’m just going to focus on one of them. It’s this thing called “Mom Brain”. Mom brain, for those of you who may not know, is what […]

This mommy likes to drink wine. And yes, as a sommelier, tasting wine is my job (which is obviously why I’m passionate about it). But when my kids are FI-NAL-LY sleeping at night, you know why this mom likes to have a glass of fermented grape juice? Because they ignore me. All three kids, all day […]


MomMonday About: Hi all! I am Summer, a stay home mom of 4 kids under 5 (1 set of twins)! I used to work in online marketing but my mothering instincts clearly kicked into overdrive the last few years… so here I am and couldn’t be happier! My husband and I have been married for […]


Wine review intro: Undurraga wines are from the Maipo Valley, south of Santiago. In 1885 Fransisco Undurraga started his Viña here. He personally imported wine-ranks from Germany and France. And under the management of Frenchman M. Pressac they started to develop their first vineyards in the Santa Ana Estate (named after his wife). The wines […]

Let me just get this toy out of my ass before I start writing…. Have another child, they said. It will be fun, they said. There came a point when my husband and I thought, “We’re OK with one.” But then, something changed. Our decision changed, like it does for many parents deciding on baby […]

So.. pregnant with twins are you? *panic mode on* That means you are definitely freaking out right now. Because really, how can anyone take care of two babies simultaneously? Does this also mean that you need to get a bigger house, car or uterus??  I mean, how do two babies even fit in there? Right now your heart […]

Not a muscle in my body moved while I’m staring at a little screen for over an hour. Surprised and ‘in shock’ about what slowly becomes clear to me and my husband: a pink cross. That cross is going to put our lives upside down, forever change us. “Are we ready for this?” “Are we […]


My 5 year old has a ‘I’ve had it’ timer inside her. When it goes off, the screaming starts. And I get it. It’s not easy to live in a house with a very dominant twin sister and a 4 year older ‘runner up mom’ slash sister. My youngest daughter (with 22 minutes) is a […]

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“One more time mommy, but from the Tornado this time!” My 5 year old isn’t talking about violent rotating winds. She means a large and very high rotating water slide that actually has the same speed as a (tornado) wind. We’re at our vacation home in Belgium, at a park we choose for it’s “Subtropical Swimming […]