“A twin-pregnancy is a abnormality, you know..” Is what my gynecologist tells me on my very first appointment with her in the hospital, right after she congratulates me with my pregnancy. Wait…what? A abnormality.. Within 5 minutes after we meet she manages to make a happy, pregnant woman feel like a ‘freakshow’. But, isn’t it […]

Not a muscle in my body moved while I’m staring at a little screen for over an hour. Surprised and ‘in shock’ about what slowly becomes clear to me and my husband: a pink cross. That cross is going to put our lives upside down, forever change us. “Are we ready for this?” “Are we […]

So, here I am. Standing behind my kid in her kindergarten classroom. All others parents are staring at me with different looks in their eyes; some are saddened, others judgmental, but most are just slightly shocked. I can see them thinking: “Who lets their kids alone on Christmas?”. Sigh.. Working on Christmas Every last schoolday of the […]