gato negro merlot

Wine Review intro: Gato Negro is the oldest wine range of San Pedro. It has delivered a constant quality of wine for over 55 years now. In the early years of the range, a black cat kept the winemaker company while he was working in the vineyards. Instead of thinking the cat would bring ‘bad […]

Wine Review intro: Rawsons Retreat is the base range of the world famous winemaker Penfolds. This winery has put Australia as a wine country on the ‘wine-map’ with their fabulous and exceptional ‘Grange’, which is a big collector’s item. The range Rawsons Retreat exist of smooth and subtle wines from Penfolds, for a very reasonable […]

Wine review intro: In 2012 Norton’s head wine-maker Jorge Riccitelli won the prestigious title: Best Winemaker of the World. It was the very first time that this price went to South-America. Obviously it’s not something you get after only one year of fine winemaking. Norton has been making very high quality wine on every price-range […]

Wine review intro: The Antinori family is a very famous Italian wine family since the 70’s. They are most known for thinking outside of the box. In the early years they rebelled with using not only Italian grapes, but French grapes like Merlot and Cabernet aswel. They changed the way Italian winemakers are making their wines nowadays. […]

Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Review intro: In 1725 Irishman Thomas Barton settled in Bordeaux and started making wine. Until this day the Barton family own the oldest winery in this very famous Wine City. In 1802 his grandson took a frenchman called Daniel Guestier as a partner. Although the home base of Barton & Guestier is in Bordeaux, […]