Wine Review intro: This Pinot Grigio Tussock Jumper is made by two enthusiastic winemakers (Gert-Jan van Arkel; half French/half Dutch and Marc Oliviera; half Portugues/half American). They picked the best grapes worldwide for their wines. Grapes that are typical for their own local wine area. Then they connected the wine to a local animal that […]

Wine review intro: Barefoot is part of one of the biggest wine-producents in the world, selling their wines all over the world. Their most popular white wine: Pinot Grigio, seemed like a good place to start tasting the broad Barefoot range. nose: The nose of this Pinot Grigio has unexpected notes of lime and apple. […]

Wine review intro: The French winemaker Thierry Boudinaud and the Australian wine rebel Guy Anderson were friends for a long time before they came up with their brilliant wine label: Fat Bastard. It was Thierry’s experiment that gave the wine it’s name. He made a Chardonnay that had rested on the lees (smashed grapes) in […]

Wine review intro: Transylvania is a historic region in the biggest part of the north and west of Romania. This area is famous for Bram Stokers Dracula, but nowadays is also known for making wines that have a great value. The grapes for this Dreamfish are harvested in the western area of Romania that exists […]

Bin 85 review

Wine review intro: The Englishman Dr Henry Lindeman (MD) emigrated his practice from England to Australia in 1840. Where he started making his own wine three years later. His intention was to prescribe his wine as a ‘medicine’ for his patients, but nowadays the wine brand Lindeman’s is well known all over the world. And their Bin […]

yellow tail chardonnay

Wine Review intro: Yellow Tail started out as a small family business in 1965, when the Italian family Casella migrated from Sicily to Yenda (in the Riverina wine area). Once they started to grew wine in 1969, Casella Winery was born. The family Casella recognized the great potential of the Riverina area in New South […]